Top Drivers

Damon Clark – 2018-2019 Top Driver for Household Goods

“Damon has performed beyond expectations and continues setting the bar high,” NVL VP of Operations Mike Yost said. “He has a non-stop can-do attitude and will take on any challenge. His kind, helpful and friendly attitude puts every customer at ease during a stressful time. The award signifies hard work, trust, understanding, knowledge and caring about your customer. Damon exemplifies all of these.


Jim Lanager – 2018-2019 Top Driver for Fleet Safety

Nothing is more important than keeping your equipment in great shape to ensure the motoring public remains safe. That’s where Jim Lanager comes in. His commitment to detail and safety is second to none.

“Jim’s compliance with hours-of-service rules and compliance, safety, accountability scores is top-notch,” said Laura Manning, NVL Director of Fleet Services & Safety. “He’s a pleasure to work with. Jim’s military background (U.S. Marine Corps special ops) gives him a great understanding of the importance of perfect operating equipment.”